Nobody Wants To Hear The Truth (Song Lyrics)

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Martin Wimmer,

Smartin Winner: Nobody Wants To Hear The Truth.

(Song Lyrics, 2019)

Smartin Winner is a multilingual songwriter based in Berlin, Germany. He usually writes song lyrics along rivers. His lyrics in English have been set to music by numerous artists including Mr Jones, Robert Hasleder, Hollis Brown, Hooked On Strings, Markus Rill, and Dogon & The Sirius B. Smartin references Mark Kozelek, Townes Van Zant and Jerry Jeff Walker, Johnny Mercer and Yip Harburg as major influences on his songwriting. His latest works include the albums „Scenic Drive (through my mind)“ and „Nobody Wants To Hear The Truth“ and the EP „Love Force One“.

The book includes more than 30 of his most loved song lyrics. File under: Singer-Songwriter, Country, Folk, Americana, Indie.